The new BORRIES marking controller BMC

Welcome to the information page for our latest innovation, the BMC marking controller. Find out all about the features and benefits that our BMC marking controller offers your organisation.

  • 10" full graphic touch display: Immerse yourself in the world of effortless control through our generous 10" touch display. The intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation and gives you more control over your marking tasks.
  • Graphical visualisation of marking layouts: Design your marking layouts directly on the BMC marking controller and get an instant graphical visualisation, including character shapes, special characters and logos. For even easier operation, the field currently being processed is displayed in colour.
  • Extension of the service life of your marking units: Optimised travel paths of both axis reduce the number of acceleration and braking processes. The result is a lower load on the marking unit, which means less wear and tear and therefore a longer service life.
  • Interpolated vectors for beautiful lettering: Our control system interpolates vectors, resulting in a finer execution of movements. This gives you even more precise and appealing font results.
  • Direct configuration on the BMC: Say goodbye to complicated laptop dependencies! With our new control technology, you can make configuration settings directly on the BMC marking controller.
  • Ergonomic with various mounting options: The BMC marking controller is not only powerful, but also extremely user-friendly. The specially developed design enables ergonomic operation both when placed on a table and when mounted on a wall or VESA mount. The housing protection is optimised for use in production halls.
  • Multilingual user interface: The user interface of the BMC marking controller can be translated into several languages, including those with non-Latin characters, such as Chinese. Customise the user interface to meet the needs of your international team.
  • Parallel processes for data exchange, workflow and marking tasks: The BMC marking controller enables the simultaneous execution of parallel processes for data exchange, sequencing and marking tasks. This function leads to significantly faster data processing and increases the efficiency of your marking tasks.
  • Variably expandable connections: Our BMC marking controller offers the flexibility to easily and conveniently change or even add connections, for example a fieldbus module (HMS). The basic RS 232 and Ethernet interfaces can be expanded at any time by using a fieldbus plug-in card and a few clicks in the software (to Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet/IP). These customisation options also allow subsequent changes to be made on site with little effort - without the need to replace the entire control system. This helps you to meet the changing requirements of your business.
  • Wide-range power supply: The BMC marking controller is equipped with a wide-range power supply unit that is designed for voltages of 90-260 VAC and frequencies of 50 to 60 Hz. The power supply unit does not need to be switched, which enables convenient and versatile adaptation to different power sources.
  • Lower power consumption: The BMC marking controller is characterised by lower power consumption, resulting in more efficient use of energy compared to our previous marking controllers. For example, the display of the BMC marking controller switches off automatically when it is not in use.
  • Universal cable with smaller bending radius: Our BMC marking controller is supplied with a high-quality universal cable that has a smaller bending radius than the previous ones. It is suitable for drag chains, torsion and UL-compliant without incurring any additional costs.
  • Easy conversion to the new BMC marking controller: The new BMC marking controller (hardware and control) can be converted in a few simple steps and you can benefit from the improved functions without any difficulty
  • Expandable to 3 axis: In contrast to our previous marking controllers, our new BMC offers the option of upgrading to a third axis on site.
  • Optional emergency stop button directly on the controller: For additional safety, we offer the option of an emergency stop button directly on the controller. This enables a quick response in emergency situations. Of course, it is also possible to connect an external control panel.
  • Reception of variable marking data via barcode scanner: Our new BMC marking controller enables the reception of variable marking data via a serial barcode scanner as standard. This function facilitates the integration of information into the marking process. It also reduces the risk of errors during manual data entry.
  • Installation and updates via USB: Software installation or updates, including firmware updates, can be carried out conveniently via a USB stick. This user-friendly function not only makes it easier to update the software, but also enables backups to be created easily for added security.
  • Price remains the same as for EG2-Box: We take the liberty of offering you our new marking controller with all the new features at the same price of the EG2 box - despite inflation and rising prices.

Our BMC marking controller offers a comprehensive solution for your marking needs and is designed to increase your productivity and optimise your marking processes. Find out more about the BMC marking controller and contact us for more information at

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