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"Our customer controls the traceability of our products …"

"We will be marking our products with a DataMatrix-Code (DMC) in the future."

"In order to identify which individual employee is working on a product and at what point in time, we assign each employee a unique designation marker. This marker will be stamped into the material after the completion."

If your customer's inquiries sound similar, you have come to the right place.

Since 1952 we have been specializing in direct, material displacing and permanent marking of components. As well as custom industrial marking solutions in applications of all kinds.

As a German manufacturer of marking machines and tools, we offer customized solutions to meet all your requirements. From manual punching machines to workshop equipment, to add-on units and customized marking systems. We consider ourselves your system partner and are always here for you.


Why do you have to mark components?

Signing, encoding, labeling, marking - our technological society would be in chaos without letters, numbers, codes as well as product marking and labeling.

This applies both to products of our daily life and industrial goods.

So, why do we mark products?
- Production regulations
- Quality assurance / ISO 9000 / CE symbol
- Product liability
- Protection against counterfeiting
- Traceability

Borries USA extends their social media presence

Borries Marking Systems USA on Facebook and LinkedIn!

In addition to our LinkedIn presence we have now launched a new Facebook page for our business where we’ll offer interesting information about our marking equipment and services including videos, articles, and other topics that you may find helpful as you plan for your future marking projects.



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26 Oct 2021
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